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Warped models

Beach huts are an iconic part of the British seaside, not unique to the UK, but commonplace.

They follow a uniform pattern, peaked roof, compact size, shuttered from the elements when not in use. During wither they are chained down. In North Norfolk where the sea is lashing the cliffs they sit quietly in rows, hoping to survive until the owners return.

these two images of beach huts:

One is a straight photograph.

One is a 3D model of a beach hut, photographed in 3D space.

The top, blue one is the photogrammetry model re-photographed, inside a computer. (Pseudo photograph). The bottom one is a straight photograph of a beach hut that has been distorted by a storm.

This 'real' green hut has a distorted shape, this is reminiscent of a distortion called twist that can be exerted on any 3D model. Compared in this form - presented as photographs I see no meaningful difference between the images.

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