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A sheath

Updated: Jan 17

VR in real life. I am not supporting that we live in a metaverse, but here are a couple of examples where our physical world appears in ways reminiscent of virtual world experiences.

These two examples of my photography point to the similarities between reality and virtual reality.

What are the differences between reality and virtual reality?

Sometimes there is a distortion of real world detail found within my conventional photographs. In these two specific images, the three dimensionality of the world is flattened. In both images architectural structures are partially obscured by debris netting. The visual flattening that occurs due to the interference of the netting is reminiscent of video game textures. In video games or virtual environments the opposite happens; flatness is given the illusion of dimensionality by use of a new surface (texture map).

In VR these textures are unconvincing under scrutiny.

Espen Aarseth's article, "Allegories of Space: The Question of Spatiality in Computer Games," discusses how space is represented and perceived in computer games. Aarseth implies that our perception of space in virtual environments is rooted in and influenced by our experiences and understanding of real-world space​​.

If the real world was covered in debris netting, VR might be more convincing.

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