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Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Whilst revisiting my collection of photographs of 'units'. I found these photographs of this glacial deposit.

I have been translating all the photographs into 3D models and then into 3D prints. The workflow utilised several software environments. I am using Stratasys printers, a Dimension 1200es and a Mojo.

This is an ongoing process, a breakthrough appeared though when I printed the rock above. I was not sure where this activity was going until I held the print. The rock fit my hand. There was an indent for my thumb and my forefingers. There was even a undercut where my little finger rests.

It felt good, like some kind of ergonomic mouse from the 2000's.

Then I thought all about scale again, how parallax motion allows one to understand the world spatially. How when you are in a plane or on a train, you get a different sense of space.

When I photographed this rock, I never thought of it as occupying the negative space of my hand, I never thought about how it would appear if I were a giant, how small it would feel, how simple it would be to pick up.

Now in VR the rock seems different to me.

I plan to convert it into a form that can be circumnavigated, by a VR headset, to see if I react to it differently. There is also a chance that I will go and visit this rock again in August.

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