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Haunted by AI

Recently I instructed an artificially intelligent non sentient system (Dalle-2) to evoke a memory on my behalf. I relayed a story and the system returned an image. I wanted to compare it with my regular memory of the situation.

Despite my shocking memory, this was a strong one:

I came home from work and it was dark already. I went to check my chickens were shut in and to my complete surprise, a racoon was in the coop stealing corn from the feeder. Our neighbour had been attacked by a rabid racoon that killed his dog. I was cautious. Around this time my dog, a white Jack Russell terrier named patch chased a racoon up the tree, it was chaotic as we led the dog away.

When I fed this into Dall-e I got an incredible image which haunts me more that the memory itself.

The irony is not lost on me know that I wish to re-create that file, which I can't seem to retrive that the new versions of the image are not as haunting, but similar.

When I re-made the work for this post the images began cartoony and got creepier.

For the last image I used ChatGPT to re-write my text for Dall-e.

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