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Off to Berlin:

These are some photographs I made.

This was as I dropped into Iceland, it was around 4am, the sun was rising over the land turning it red. I imagined that Iceland was actually on fire. I thought again about the Arctic circle, and that piece I made when I was furious about global warming.

As we ducked under the clouds I saw this little white house. It reminded me of the White House residency that I want to do, it is around here somewhere.. I should book that

I put two images together. I tend to take pictures in stereo pairs. The technique causes those strange striations in the landscape.

In Berlin one of my first pictures was of this building which had a net on it to keep off the pigeons, or maybe to keep debris from falling onto people walking by. The netting messed with the texture of the building and it looked a lot like a computer model with a texture image placed on a flat surface. I logged that as a potential idea for a sculpture.

I took a stereo pair of a architectural feature in the park, I was messing with my camera's ability to take double exposure, and took a stereo pair of double exposures. I need to view them in stereo, but here I mashed them all together to create an approximation of form.

Near this park was a residential section with amenities. I was still playing with double exposures. They show off form, which is why I like them.

These four pictures were me reminding myself I was in Berlin, not upstate NY or England. ..clickable..

I thought this method of lighting signs in the dark galleries was genius.

On the way to Kassel on the train the landscape reminded me of England.


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