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Preparing to make pseudo Photographs

What is the difference between making a photograph of the real world and a making a photograph of computer generated world within a virtual world?

It is a recursive process.

Observe the world.

Photograph the world.

(World = world + 1

{Observe the world.

Photograph the world;})

Once the real world is collected using a camera, it is translated to a new format (image).

Multiple images are processed and are used to create a 3D computer model (photogrammetry).

When in a 3D space (virtual environment) the world it processed to look photographic (texturing and lighting).

A camera is then simulated and used to take a photograph. (pseudo photograph)

Make a camera

Position a camera

Take a test photograph

Change the aperture (f5.6 for shallow depth of field)

Settle on f16 for final photograph.

Are these images EQUAL to the original images? What is lost? What is gained?

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