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Reading for Mexico

I'm curious to hear how these conversations lead to practice. It is a huge topic and pertinent and popular. I found the reading tough, and I think talking about it in a group will probably be useful for me to dissect it. My challenge is probably growing up on a farm in England feeling very close to the Earth and having a pretty good connection with it and it's systems of growth and change. Now I still live in a rural environment and have farming friends, chickens, and trees. I see change I feel change and I see the continuation of systems and new things, I have noticed the change in the seasons, and I follow the weather quite closely. I'm concerned about the shifting jetstream. However, I am super conscious that my relationship to nature is not a universal relationship and this reading encompasses that somewhat. It seems like the 'global south' for want of a better term, has a different relationship to land and that is what I want to learn about.

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