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Updated: May 13, 2023

I am scanning slides. I have 1000's of 3D images of things and places.

I did not make this stack, it is bigger than the ones I stacked as a teenager on a farm in the fens in East Anglia, England. These look like they were stacked by a machine that was towed behind the baler. In my day this would have been called a sixer, - six layers of straw, but would only have had 12 bales, two bales per layer.

Sixers were a crazy idea, we usually stopped at four rows, eight bales in total, if there were tons of bales in a small area you could make these, these were then pitched up one bale at a time onto a flat bed wagon and roped down. They were stacked like this in case it rained.

And this is that 3D print I made of the Richard Serra piece, Equal.

Maybe there is another reason I am drawn to this work.

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