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Spatial pairs

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Sometimes known a wobble-gifs.

Lock, Greg 46 minutes 23 seconds :Are they moving?

I didn't realize how many of these things I make.

Some of these are a bit boring.

This method I'm finding is like helping me really understand that [the shipping containers] as like a block of units; of rectilinear forms.

So I'm excited that I can feel I can pick that up or understand it or recreate it or. I feel like I could, like I feel like the scale shifts when you see it like this, and I could almost pick that up.Rest it between your fingers. [KIOSK] Normally I would view view this with a stereoscope and it would be a super passive experience where you're really getting all the spatial form. So here this is like in my one of my favorites [CACTUS AND BOOTS] because it's in a way it's so quiet and uh and boring and kind of flat, but you can almost smell the rubber boots, you know. and it really kind of gives you a whole real good visual sense of of of that experience that I've had. I'm really thinking a lot about that relationship between the experience of bearing witness to this place and the experience of having a secondary a revisit of that using technology.

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