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WALK#1, (Sheringham). 2022/3 Computer generated video. 1 min.

WALKS are a series of video pieces which have been generated by taking a scanned place this case a

A Cliff

I'm really fond of.

Near where my parents live in North Norfolk.

I have many scans of that Cliff. Every time I visit my parents, I go and photograph it, because it's eroding and disappearing every year.

It gets eaten away by the sea a little bit more and so I've been recording it as much as I can. This is just a really intense 3 dimensional model of it that I've created from photographs.

I made a camera path for a virtual camera which is exactly the same cameras I used to take the original photograph. In this case 50mm f8.

You get in this kind of weird replica of what it's like; if you stand on the beach in Sheringham, Norfolk and look at the cliff that's what it looks like, 100%.

It's exactly what it looks like, but you've got all these kind of weird artifacts from the three dimensional process.

It's giving you spatial data.

There's like parallax and stuff going on in here, and you don't walk that fast.

I'm gonna play with the speed of these.

To see if I can make them real time, but it's a reexperiencing of an experience and I feel like that a worthwhile creative act that I undertake.

That's very directly related to what I'm thinking about.

Roughley, Mark 56 minutes 10 seconds

And you are you are you totally compelled with this?

The reason I say that is I mentioned Susan Sontag's On Photography last time and I've got a quote on my screen from here which says and the possibility of true photographs leads to a compulsion to convert experience into an image to make it real.

What one is experiencing, and I feel like you're this is kind of what you're doing in a way through that reexperiencing of it in whatever way it comes able to be rigged, experienced.

Lock, Greg 56 minutes 45 seconds

Yes, I think I'm kind of doing that now.

I've been reading about that a bit further and there's some people [Mark Dorrian] who've sort of gone beyond SONTAG, and now they're calling it transcoded indexicality pinpointing a lack of trust of photographs right now.

WALK#2, (Glacier). 2016/2023 Computer generated video. 1 min.

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